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K is Dead

Written in 2010...I wrote this because I felt was the beginning...

September 5, 2010

Ms. Sara Maxine

Associate Director of Pen Names

The Sam Clemens Task Force for:

Department of Divergent Personal Theories

The State of Michigan

01 E Michigan Ave

Lansing, MI 48933

RE: SOM#5176476969K200 The death of Jason William Keusch...a soul-separation declaration.

Dear Ms. Maxine:

Thank you for advance for your attention to this letter. Jason and I appreciate you taking the time to meet with us last week. The Sam Clemens Task Force is potentially powerful program and we are pleased have the opportunity to take advantage of it. What follows is our position statement to separate Mr. Keusch’s business interests with his overall dissatisfaction...

We, Mr. Keusch and I, have come to a long-debated resolution regarding the apparent sell-out of Mr. Keusch’s soul and his suffering from the same misfortune. On this day, the fifth of September in the year of our Lord 2010, he has elected me, Max-Robert Thomas, his sole spokesman and commentator.

While Mr. Keusch readily acknowledges his inability to combat his malady due to unchangeable business circumstance, he nonetheless wishes to bleed out the remnants of his soul in an attempt to “keep it real”. Further, while Mr. Keusch cannot publicly vociferate the specific societal entities damaging his inner peace for fear of retribution from said entities, he wishes, by separating his public persona from his soul, to, though his commentator, strike back. In short, if he must eat crow, he wishes to eat cake and pie as well.

With sadness, my first announcement on behalf of Mr. Keusch is one of bereavement for his individuality. Henceforth, K will publicly exhibit a new laconic and insipid pop lifestyle on the streets of America, in the churches of his Lord and in the four walls of his business without the any individual thoughts, opinions or actions of a whole person (He may legally change his name to Jones.). Mr. Keusch’s last thoughts before separating his individuality from his superficial public reputation are thus:

“Sir: remember that individual people are good. Remember that they are ignorant and not stupid. Remember that they are just doing what they are told to do- acting as they are taught to act…as society models for them. But, should you come across unprincipled intelligence or stubborn subjective ideology: Give them the fucking finger!”

To summarize, K is dead. Max-Robert Thomas is on the job.


Max-Robert Thomas

Spokesman and Divergencies Commentator

The Estate of K

About: K is Dead

This letter was written in 2010 along with about 10 associated letters. If you've known me long, you may recognize this letter as the genesis for where I am 9 years later. I was dealing with being an employer, a creative and and my spirituality at the time. This was complicated by frivolous business lawsuits and complaints that I was answering (I was unqualified), the pressures of new endeavors and the feeling that I no longer owned my own destiny. There are many themes in these letters: Business, Government, Politics, The soul and the body, The Jones, etc. I wrote these letters as an escape. They turned out to be the beginning...

Jason Keusch is a visual artist, sometimes writer and former Chef. Varhaus is a made-up word for his art studio. For more information, sign up to this blog , hit him up at or email

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