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been busy-a varhaus visual summary

I have had a very productive two months. I have made at least 50 new paintings and collages. I'm feeling good because this year's festival season and moving studios had me upside-down. I've had a great year of new experiences and new friends and collectors. I've decided to sit down and show you what I've been making...all in one place. This is a visual post...less commentary is always better from me.

I've sat down, cued up Handel's Messiah and now I'll show you what's up.

First up are these little abstracts. 12x12 and crunchy. I made them to be little gifts. 50 bones each. They're great stocking stuffers for your loved one, but they don't fit in a stocking. more info here

Next...a little 12:2 abstract series. You know by now: Be not conformed! 16x20 multimedia on canvas. Stencil and tape and acrylic, oh my. more info here

.How about some state pride? I sent versions of these from Florida to the UP and from Cali to Jersey this year. I have some still available, and some being finished this weekend. more info here

here's some sundry projects...some available, some not. Noah is not available, though he may think he is. more info here

And Finally, the biggest project of the year...Love Lansing. You're probably tired of seeing it on social media, because I have been less that discreet about marketing it. But we're very proud of it and our city. buy it now

Final Product. Love Lansing. 3x4 Framed Original. 18x24 poster prints

Melik Brown. Lansing Made.

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